I don’t think I have ever promoted a petition before but this is important. This petition was created by John Gromada, a veteran Broadway sound designer. This award has only been around since 2007 and deserves to continue to be an opportunity for the sound designers of the theater world.

It has been said that some of the driving factors behind the decision to drop Sound Design as Tony Award are “Many Tony voters do not know what sound design is or how to assess it; a large number of Tony voters choose not to cast ballots in sound design categories because of this lack of expertise; and some administration committee members believe that sound design is more of a technical craft, rather than a theatrical art form that the Tonys are intended to honor”.


How was the experience of returning to Hobbiton with your friend Billy Boyd?

 ”It’s been at least 10 years, maybe 11 or 12 years, since Billy and I were both back in New Zealand together? We’ve been there individually but not at the same time.

It was great, because we were able to go to Mata Mata, where the Shire is, so Bag End, the Green Dragon where the hobbits drink, so what we were able to do was sneak into the Green Dragon and not tell the tourists we were there, and then we opened the Green Dragon to the tourists. And then when they went inside, we opened the pub up and they asked “What are you doing here?” and Billy replied back “we stay here when we’re not working! We’ve rooms above the pub.” And I mean, there were a few people who were quite emotional about it, it was great, we served them all ginger beer and served the adults ale.”